Episode 8 Out Now!!!

Hey yall! Give us a listen! On this episode Can and Grey discuss the Championships of each conference and then focus on the QB carousel that will be taking place this coming off season. Our conspiracy is all but fact this week and as for Grey’s List he is taking an odd stance on Drake and Josh in the most lopsided dynamic duos! Please follow us on Twitter at HorseDivided and leave us an email at horsedivided@gmail.com. thanks for listening and tell us what you think!

New Look! New Episode!

In this episode Can and Grey recap Saturday’s playoff game. They discuss possible solutions to the Indianapolis Colts problems and the play of the rookies. We go long on conspiracy talk and Grey’s list this week is the most like a cult organizations there are… very Chic Fil A heavy. Contact us @horsedivided on twitter and¬†horsedivided@gmail.com¬†Thank you for listening and tell a friend if you like!

New Cover Art!!!
Subject of the conspiracy.


Join the boys on our latest episode of The Horse Divided Podcast. In this episode Can and Grey, both living with COVID, discuss last weekends college football games for a bit then address another fumble for the win victory in the Colts game! Tune in for Grey’s weekly Browns Report and his list. Also Can discusses quite an interesting conspiracy on the Christmas image below.

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Wake up with Episode 3 of the Horse Divided Podcast

Tune in to Spotify and search “the horse divided podcast” and come listen to Grey and Can discuss both IU and Purdue football. As well as their combined love of the Indianapolis Colts

In this episode Grey and Can discuss the bucket game less week, They discuss how Purdue would have faired playing a Football School like Indiana. Then the two brothers dive into the game. Not really much to discuss when a game goes that smoothly, but the boys trudge on. Tune in to hear Grey’s Gen Z BROWNS REPORT, as well as The List. This weeks list: unique school mascots.

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Episode 2 of The Horse Divided Podcast available on Spotify now!

Thank God our Colts pulled out that win!

We start the podcast with an introduction and checking in on how both IU and Purdue are currently looking and how they both faired this last weekend.

We then break down the Colts game against the Texans and the absolute Sandlot MVP that is Deshaun Watson. We cover deforests return.

In our explain it to me segment. Grey explains The Supreme Brick.

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Episode 1 of The Horse Divided Podcast out now!!!

Hey guys! If you have any interest in listening to a late twenties IU Hoosier and his 9 years younger brother, a current student at Purdue discuss their shared love of the Indianapolis Colts. Please give our first episode a chance on Spotify. We will be uploading to iTunes and Google shortly.

It may start with some growing pains but who knows. Maybe one day you will be able to look back and say… “I was there day 1 with the brothers!”. Stay tuned as we’ll be trying to upload weekly and we will be posting on this site as well. Please let us know if there is anything Colts related you’d like for us to discuss or even any topic unrelated. We’d love to really get a community going and would be so open to any contributions made by such a community. Go Colts!!!!

Again listen to us on SPOTIFY and hit us up on Twitter. Or send us an email at horsedivided@gmail.com. thank you and hope you all enjoy!

Also. Onward to Houston!

-The Horse Divided Brothers

The Horse Divided Podcast coming this week!

Coming this week to a device near you will be a new Podcast for any Indianapolis Colts fans out there. Just a few conversations between brothers for now. One a 2011 High school graduate who spent his college years at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana; the other a 2020 high school graduate currently attending the Hoosiers’ rival Purdue University in West Lafayette. We will be covering anything and everything that may come to our minds over the course of this podcast. Focusing on our beloved Indianapolis Colts.

Come listen to one late twenties idiot try to connect to his younger brother and the TIK TOK generation. Please come and check it out. Or don’t… If this burns and fails maybe I’d rather it just die like a fart in the wind. Either way give her a listen, and if you’d like to hear the opinions of two brothers on any topic whatsoever, preferably one of our schools or the Colts but actually any topic whatsoever… hit us up and send us an email at horsedivided@gmail.com.

We will be trying to get an episode out weekly. Please hit us up with any comments or thoughts. Haters welcome.


The Horse Divided Brothers