Welcome to The Reversible Jacket

Welcome to the site. If you are not impressed by the output of content currently, do not be alarmed. I’m just starting. The name is CJ. Let me tell you a little bit about what I’m looking to bring to this site. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that our world is ending, and I only get to live my life ’til I die. Just like every single m@f#@k@@ that’s ever lived before me. I like writing. I like debating, and most of all I like stories.

So ultimately, that’s what this site is. Come here for a discussion, some unrepentant takes, and some content I have yet to think of. Ultimately The Reversible Jacket is meant meant to be a vent for my thoughts. As for the name…

The name Reversible Jacket refers to the predominant thoughts on my mind personally and one that I believe a few people, a few sports fans in particular, can relate to. The Reversible Jacket stems from my love for two programs. You know I’m always rockin’ my Notre Dame gear come kickoff in August. But come basketball season. I turn that shit inside out and rock the Indiana Basketball gear.

I can’t be the only one like this. I imagine every Duke blue devil fans the same way. Can’t imagine they are all Blue Devil Football fans…

But, if I’, paying for this site… I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want with it. So check in for my thoughts on IU football, ND Football, IU Basketball, Colts Football, Cleveland Indians baseball (Yeah! I’ma cover whateva the hell I want), Pacers Basketball, and Blackhawks Hockey.

While, I will predominantly be talking about these teams, I have an avid love of history and in particular sports history. The reason being, throughout all of history, we’ve always distracted ourselves with our sports. From Spartacus in the Roman Coliseum, to Andrew Luck in Lucas Oil, we’ve always kept record of this type of shit! I think its important to remember.

On the same note, as important as those stories are, so are ones for crimes, news, and the marvel universe.

Image result for i am iron man
props to Ultraraw26 and Marvel Studios. (Sue him first)

I’ll be looking to cover it all, anything that interests me. I’m C.J. White and I really hope you all enjoy the material I’ve yet to push out.

Also, if that image was a spoiler… There’s the door! If you haven’t seen that movie by now, you just simply won’t get me, or this site, whatever it may become!

So come back to The Reversible Jacket for…. who knows what?


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