“DAMN POKEMANS!” A blog on me jumping back into Pokemon (Ultra Sun) after not playing since 2000. (Ep. 0: Intro)

Image result for old man pikachu
Absolutely… terrifying.

Welcome to Episode: 0

Before I get started I want to tell you. I couldn’t tell you the name of a single God Darn Pokeman…

No. I’m just playing.

But if it wasnt a Gen 1, I bet I could name them all if I tried, or a popular Gen 2. I don’t really know any of them. But I’m heading on a long haul trip soon and recently impulse purchased myself a Nintendo 2DS (Review to come on another old man post). Obviously, you don’t buy a new handheld without the latest pokemon. Just so happens my last purchase was a Gameboy Color so I had thought I had maybe 2 or 3 generations to catch up on.

How ignorant…

I had missed 7. 7 Generations of Pokemon…. THERE ARE NOW 807. 807 Pokemon. That’s a lot to just jump in to. But I figured I may as well just write a few blogs about my experience and my journey through the NOT KANTO region. (I just can’t bring myself to learn more PokeRegions when I couldn’t one hundred percent locate a lot of Middle East countries. But I don’t pretend to so get off mah back!’

I have to say diving into this… I am very very intimidated just by the sheer unknown that is lying within this cartridge. That I better not take out of the 2DS or I’ll probably lose it forever. Huge drawback for the handhelds for me is losing those things but I digress.

Jumping into this game is making me feel like I can only imagine a newly single divorced guy feels like trying to jump back into the dating pool after a brief 19 year hiatus… “Where the hell do I start?!!! Woah look at that crazy looking Incineroar giving me the eye! Aw damn… looks like I gotta start wading through a few Ratatas and hooking a few Magikarps before all that noise… (or the newly divorced equivalent)”

Image result for magikarp

So hey if you all would even like to maybe influence my decision and walkthrough of the game. Please comment below. Give me a suggestion and I think I may take it.

What I will come out and say now is I’ve already decided my starter. Litten is for sure the go to. Don’t even know what the middle form is but Incineroar looks like a total G. A Lucha Lord. Obviously naming Litten “Nacho”.

So follow me as I start my journey through the daunting task that is the 807 Pokemon, that I have been indoctrinated through a catchy ass theme song to believe I’ve Gotta Catch!!!! I’ll be sharing my thoughts, my emotions, my stories from Pokemon: Ultra Sun as I experience them periodically.

So hey, come back to the Reversible Jacket for more of “Damn Pokemans!”

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