THE 4TH REICH. DAENERYS WAS CRAZY. My series recap and final thoughts for Game of Thrones.

Day one I said this girl will be a villain. You don’t become the mother of actual firebreathing death machines unless you are a a vessel of destruction. What would make for a better vessel of destruction than “The Mother of Dragons”

And after Tyrion being a straight up Gangsta and chucking her hand badge. Arya approaches Jon saying Danny’s gtg. Got TO GO!!!

Ya had to know that Aryas naming of Cersei on her list could be easily replaced by the newest Mad Tyrant. I mean seriously Adolf Hitler would be proud of her pageantry in the first speech to her forces!

Killing her halfway into the episode tho….

Image result for clap gif

Jon had to kill her because either Arya was gonna do it herself or Sansa would risk the lives of hundreds of families leading a rebellion against her.

Drogon also being pissed but unable to kill Jon was a pretty cool touch. In anger just destroying the throne she fought so desperately for. Well done. I will say at the 45 min mark I am very pleased in this episode considering the sprint it took to get here. Should have 3 seasons of building Danny to this villain. But I digress…

FUCK the husband of the Red Wedding, pleading to be king of Westeros… What a god damn chump.

I did love them immediately discrediting Sam’s suggestion of democracy.

Image result for sam game of thrones meme
booooo sam. booo.

Jon was always “The Shield that guarded the realms of man”! How is Tyrion gonna say Bran is the one to be king!

But an Oligarchy! Come on! we want someone on the throne. After all these years you are gonna have Drogon melt it and elect Bran king. God I’m feeling rather cornholed here HBO!

On that note, how the hell is Bran gonna be a super hero harnessing anything less than human intelligence (but I’ll give him credit for destroying Hodor’s mind). Bran saying he doesn’t want to be king is the biggest load of horseshit I’ve heard. Bran couldve intervened on several occasions but allowed any contestants of the throne to kill each other or die. Bran condemning Jon to the Night’s Watch again is absolutely bananas! that crippled piece o shit!!!! Like how is Yara gonna vote him into office after he could have at least warged into the closest bear and helped Theon a bit before he was god damn kabobbed! Nothing has ever been fair in this show. Why would I expect anything else!?!

I want to kick each and every Stark into the sea wearing cement boots. Cept Arya. She rules. But it looks like she is setting out to be a pirate queen on her own! So that rules!

Image result for pirate arya

But seriously. I have the most disgusting taste in my mouth now that Bran is king! Such Bullshit… I watched for all these years for this payoff…

Brianne being the one to have written the story was a pretty cool idea. We all assumed Sam. But even in its whining moments GoT was able to send us a twist!

I did enjoy the bit of Tyrion preparing his first meeting just so… only to have them change everything. Then Tyrions reaction to not being in “A Song of Ice and Fire” was pretty great.

But all in all we know we should have gotten this…

Image result for jon snow throne

But now we have Jon SNOW King of the TRUE North! I did like Jon reuniting with Ghost almost as a middle finger to those who were killing them for their goodbye. Don’t get me wrong I am pissed Jon’s not on the throne but if he had to go anywhere else. I like that its leading the free folk North.

But ultimately HBO you suck for this one. Give us what we want.

God damn you HBO! God Damn You All To Hell!

Image result for damn you all to hell

Bran u a snake. Goodnight.

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