DAMN POKEMANS! Episode 1: Did I miss the pre-requisite course.

Welcome to DAMN POKEMANS! My blog on jumping back into the world of Pokemon through Pokemon: Ultra Sun after a brief 19 year hiatus.. Just a little background. Haven’t played a game since the OG Silver version. Lugia was a tank. But now I am taking on the … *grabs game box* Alola region. And I got to say this seems to be a different animal all together than the previous 3 I played (blue, yellow, and silver). Episode 1 is simply my initial thoughts.

May have skipped a few along the way…

Seems like type importance is more influential in battle than ever. Its actually quite a learning process. But here I will share my start of my first PokePlaythrough! So let’s get started.

Apparently my cousin is buff Professor Oak… He hooks me up with the greatest and most exciting choice there is in gaming. I have to admit, this moment tapped into a almost primal emotion in me. I mean no choice in a video game can be as important as YOUR INITIAL STARTER!

Image result for ultra sun starters in game

So we got 3 options as always water, fire, and fire. I always went Fire and only really knowing of one Alola pokemon from Super Smash Ultimate stuff involving Incineroar, I obviously went with the option that turns into wrestling fire bear! So I had to pass on Dartrix (A plump little grass owl) Popplio (the water pokemon equivalent of Simple Jack) and went with Litten.

Named him Nacho after the Big Homie Nacho Libre. Probably a problematic portrayal by the thespian Jack Black in retrospect, but pretty funny nonetheless.


Write off the bat. They scratched the simple Gym system of an Island challenge. So on my way to the site of the first “trial” I was able to pick up a Pichu. Which is pretty awesome. Pikachu is the man. Gotta have him. Don’t know if I get to catch him later in the game. But when I have a sure fire way to get one I will take it. Hell ya! Got my electric type for the game! Litten will become Incineroar at one point and now I’ve got my homie Raichu already locked down. Fire and electricity. CHECK!

And I am wrapping this one up after just having beat the totem Gumshoos to get the normal type Super Saiyan stone. I have to say these moves are pretty cool when your Pokemon uses its Z move to go Super Saiyan right quick.


Alright so I gotta say the effectiveness and influence of the power types is alarming compared to the initial games. But I’m getting the hang of it. It also doesn’t help that everything seems like it can be 4 different types and it seems like there must be like 18 types or something!

But let’s talk Team Skull. I hope to God that their entire script is simply a matter of lost in translation. Becuz they are just crass. Haha like hilariously playing Wangster architype. Not one of them. It is organization wide. They are all B-Rad G from the ‘Bu (If you genuinely understood that reference props for shitty movie knowledge. You are not alone).

Image result for malibu's most wanted
B Rad!
Image result for Team skull text

Also it looks like leveling up in this game is going to be a easy as hell. With the op Experience share I picked up at the Trainer School. It is pretty simple.

Jesus. I can’t simply be attack move mashing my way through this game anymore. Seems like the battle mechanics have changed quite a bit in 19 years since my last play-through of a Pokemon game. But I’m still getting the hang of it. I feel like the game has changed from checkers to a game of Chess! Strategy is pretty intense. These kids are on a new learning curve! I picked up Blue when I was maybe 5. Just started reading. I remember I couldn’t even really spell all the attacks out. And if I was given this game I would have lost my god damn mind wanting to play it only to come to the realization I may be a bit too dumb for Pokemon!!

So Many Pokemon… It’s exhausting trying to size up what these guys may do not knowing anything about the ones after Silver. It is mind bottling.

Image result for mind bottling

If you like what you read let me know! Support is always appreciated and if your a troll, you can head to the door. Just some good Nostalgia vibes here.

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