Now that I’ve had some time to digest the news. My thoughts on Robert Pattinson as Batman.

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Okay so this initial news had my inner Batman fanboy nervous. I initially was ready to condemn this performance before I had even really pondered it. I mean twilight bullshit don’t fly for my Batman and Batman needs a true champ in this role, just to try and become the rock that they build the new DCEU around. Long story short I thought great, I came to the realization that shit. Has any Batman ever been a unanimous favorite pre-production. Oddly, the craziest thing may be that George Clooney would have been the most accepted pre movie. And we all know how that ended up.

what purpose are those serving?

But after I stopped and contemplated the shell of a person that is Robert Pattinson. I’ve never seemed to see him as anything more than a shell on screen the few times I did see him. Almost unfeeling and emotionless in each role. Have to admit never seen more than 4 probably but still… Then I thought sure Robert Pattinson may be a Shell onscreen. But what would I rather have than Bruce Wayne being portrayed by a shell.

I mean I really think for these reasons he may be stellar in the Cowl-less scenes. Bruce Wayne works best I feel when the audience can almost recognize in the actor that he’s playing a character, that is playing a character. Bruce Wayne is a facade, an role that Batman plays in the day. His outlandish playboy awesomeness, an act hiding the brooding Badass beneath.

I am actually slowly convincing myself that he is right for the role. It’s just so important that they get this one right. In the age of the cinematic universes if you want to build hype you need the audience invested and wanting to see each installment. With the upcoming Joker and now this version of the Batman announced, these next 2 years will decide if DC has any chance of steering the ship back on course. It doesn’t seem the super hero movie genre is slowing down soon. But you have to assume at some point it dies down, and if they ever want to try and sniff Marvel numbers. They’ve got to absolutely nail their most iconic adversaries Batman and the Joker.

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I do have hope in the upcoming Batman movie. I mean usually huge pre-production changes spells trouble. But gutting it for parts and starting over has to be the way to go. They really don’t have much time to figure the stuff out they already HAVE the reputation. They worked so quickly to catch up with the Avengers that they have just drove the bus in reverse.

With James Gunn behind the Suicide Squad movie I think that things are looking up. God I really hope one day I get to see a Justice League movie that I gave a shit about…

Come back to for more.

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