Follow us on Twitch @thereversiblejacket. Streaming various gaming now.

Hey all welcome to the reversible jacket. We want to cover anything we seem is important and cover that which we don’t even more thoroughly. Whatever is going on in gaming, come back and if we give two shits about it we will address.

Image result for apex legends meme

Thats the address. Just follow that and you’ll be directed to our blogs local twitch page. Being headed by DeGrandCanyon over on Twitch.

We are a non Fortnite blog here at The RJ and if you have a problem with that… get your streams elsewhere.

A little on our Resident Gamer DeGrandCanyon…

-He claims to have been a 50 general in Halo 3 playlist Lone Wolves. (BADASS)

-He has been playing FIFA religiously since FIFA 2001.

-He claims to have a NBA 2K19 MyTeam that is absolutely untouchable.

-Has been gaming since NES Megaman 2.

-Hates the MyTeam/Ultimate Team pay to win method, yet joins in and pays to win. Hates the player and the game.

-Xbox over Playstation. All day. No competition on the PS4.

Image result for apex legends meme

So hey, come around and check out some of our streams if you’d like. Thanks as always. And take it easy.

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