The Horse Divided Podcast coming this week!

Coming this week to a device near you will be a new Podcast for any Indianapolis Colts fans out there. Just a few conversations between brothers for now. One a 2011 High school graduate who spent his college years at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana; the other a 2020 high school graduate currently attending the Hoosiers’ rival Purdue University in West Lafayette. We will be covering anything and everything that may come to our minds over the course of this podcast. Focusing on our beloved Indianapolis Colts.

Come listen to one late twenties idiot try to connect to his younger brother and the TIK TOK generation. Please come and check it out. Or don’t… If this burns and fails maybe I’d rather it just die like a fart in the wind. Either way give her a listen, and if you’d like to hear the opinions of two brothers on any topic whatsoever, preferably one of our schools or the Colts but actually any topic whatsoever… hit us up and send us an email at

We will be trying to get an episode out weekly. Please hit us up with any comments or thoughts. Haters welcome.


The Horse Divided Brothers

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