Episode 1 of The Horse Divided Podcast out now!!!

Hey guys! If you have any interest in listening to a late twenties IU Hoosier and his 9 years younger brother, a current student at Purdue discuss their shared love of the Indianapolis Colts. Please give our first episode a chance on Spotify. We will be uploading to iTunes and Google shortly.

It may start with some growing pains but who knows. Maybe one day you will be able to look back and say… “I was there day 1 with the brothers!”. Stay tuned as we’ll be trying to upload weekly and we will be posting on this site as well. Please let us know if there is anything Colts related you’d like for us to discuss or even any topic unrelated. We’d love to really get a community going and would be so open to any contributions made by such a community. Go Colts!!!!

Again listen to us on SPOTIFY and hit us up on Twitter. Or send us an email at horsedivided@gmail.com. thank you and hope you all enjoy!

Also. Onward to Houston!

-The Horse Divided Brothers

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